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Prof. Dr. Bernd Abel

Chair for Chemical Engineering of Polymers (Technische Chemie der Polymere)

Ostwald-Institut für Physikalische und Theoretische Chemie and Institut für Technische Chemie


Head of the Chemical Department of the Leibniz Institute of Surface Engineering (IOM)

Deputy Director of the IOM


Our Science and current research topics (University and IOM):

The Abel group at the IOM (Chemical Department) and at the University of Leipzig is engaged in research in the field of molecular physical chemistry, biophysical chemistry, material science, analytical chemistry, optics, and spectroscopic imaging related to surfaces and surface modification.

Our activities have the purpose of obtaining fundamental knowledge of matter and materials (from smaller molecules up to polymers and macroscopic materials), to develop new molecular and analytical probes, new interface materials, and finally to use the knowledge to develop advanced analytical techniques, smart materials and material coatings, and ultimately devices and high-tech material surfaces (soft matter, adaptive, smart, switchable, responsive, etc.) for industry and industrial applications.

The mission of the IOM is to investigate interactions of radiation and particles with matter, the modification and functionalization of surfaces and the transfer of the knowledge into practice. The Chemical Department specialized in (multi) functional soft matter surfaces, interfaces and coatings and the control of function (for more information visit www.iom-leipzig.de).